My Story

My wonderful sister and I. We always have each others' backs.

This is my journey.

Being born in Hawaii to a Korean mother and a German Father and then living in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and now D.C. has given me the opportunity to view the world through a different lens. It exposed me to different cultures and social groups and how they interact. I apply this to my design approach. Everyone is different, everyone has different priorities, motivations, and everyone thinks differently.

It all started with economics.

Economics is one of the biggest influences in my journey to becoming a UX designer. To put it simply, economics is the study of scarcity and how what choices get the most utility possible. Design should be the exact same way, design is taking constraints, understanding user behavior and designing the most efficient solution that produces the most utility.

With a background in economics, I often struggled with traditional economics and the many assumptions in traditional economic models that I felt were outdated and did not hold true today. I felt like economics lacked a “human” touch or connection. This sparked my interest in behavioral economics which questions if traditional economists’ assumptions are actually good approximations of “real” human behavior.

My awesome and supportive family. My dad also studied economics.


Design allowed me to fulfill what I was always missing in studying economics. It allowed me to challenge assumptions. It also allowed me to not make my own assumptions, but actually observe real humans in real situations to see how the behave and to understand their motivations and the reasons behind their behavior.

Design takes everything that I felt I was missing from economics and allows me find the intersections between the needs of users and the business needs to create the most efficient solutions that create the best possible experience for all.

Now what?

Finding problems that people face and creating solutions is what motivates me because it brings me joy in life. I have always been the type of person to help from behind the scenes.

My background mixed in with my desire to help has led me to being focused on helping the local community. I am eager to work on projects that impact small businesses and how design can help them. Also, on supporting startups and helping entrepreneurs solve their problems and create solutions. And then working for companies that create solutions that impact the world.

And now my journey continues...

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