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Less Complexity, More Conversion

Personal project completed as part of DesignLab's Capstone Project through their UX Academy.

2 Weeks
UX Designer
work brief

Instahop has great products and a reputation for exceptional customer service, but they have major problems. Annual sales are declining due to increased competition from online grocery shopping services . If Instashop does not find a way to compete, they will have to shut down.

When you're a struggling business with a loyal customer base built through your reputation, you don't carelessly introduces changes. Instead you delve deep into understanding what your customers need and how you can better meet those needs. I kept this in mind throughout the entire process.

Process Overview


Conducted user research through surveys, interview, and competitive analysis to develop empathy with Instashop's users and establish project goals.

Define and Ideate

Organized and interpreted research findings to begin designing the experience for users, focusing on functionality and usability.

Design and Test

Created low-fi wireframes to test through UsabilityHub and InVision to validate solutions. Create Hi-fi mockups as a representation of solutions.

Success Begins with Careful Planning

I developed a research plan to develop empathy with shoppers through understanding their frustrations, feelings, problems, and other factors affecting their grocery shopping experience.

Instashop's reputation for quality products and excellent customer service is no longer enough to carry its brand. The lack of an online service is keeping Instashop behind its competitors. My challenge was to create a service that reflected Instashop's reputation.

Solutions Start With Users

I began by first understanding the shoppers. Through online research, surveys, and 1-on-1 interviews with 3 random shoppers; I was able to identify which features would provide the most value to users.

My users gave me insight into a common flaw that many online marketplaces have: they overcomplicate basic solutions with complex and excessive features. Instead of trying to outdo competitors with new and superfluous features, what really mattered most to shoppers is that Instashop does these few things exceptionally:

1. Make it easy to find products
2. Make shopping quick and easy
3. Make it easy to add items to cart and shopping lists
4. Make sure deliveries on time

By keeping these goals in mind, I identified two key qualities that shoppers wanted from Instashop's design: Convenience and Simplicity. These qualities would drive all design efforts to ensure that the learning curve would be minimal when the new service was introduced into the test markets.

Targeting Busy Professionals

Busy Professionals are always on-the-go and often wishing there were more hours in the day. They are generally between the ages of 24-45 and are technically savvy. This demographic is always on the hunt for new services to save them time and money. Instashop will cater to this audience that is already accustomed to online services and will be open to trying our new service.

Users Should Guide Designs

When designing any new product or service, it is imparative to understand user needs and feature requirements before designing the user experience. 

Instashop's new service had to simultaneously handle online orders and deliveries all while being easy to use. Through a comprehensive competitive analysis, I was able to develop a feature matrix to uncover what features were most valuable to users. This help me identify common features that users expect from Instashop.

The next step was to perform card sorting exercise to visualize how users organize products into categories to develop the information architecture for the service. Through userflow mapping, I was able to construct a process that most users would go through to complete their shopping tasks.

These efforts gave me a blueprint of what features and pages to incorporate into my design solutions. Now I knew what users wanted from their Instashop experience an could frame its purpose.

Customers Are Your Validators

I introduced a clean, clear visual design that focused on the most important tasks to shoppers. I ensured that the most important content was easy to find and readily accessible through prototyping and testing.

Testing often ensured that users would be able to easily interact with the app and that the visual design was appealing.

A Better Shopping Experience

Instashop saves shoppers time and energy by allowing them to easily browse, search, and add items for quick delivery directly to their frontdoor.

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